Frederick Nobile

Mr. Nobile is a consultant with the McLaughlin Consulting Group in Menlo Park, CA, specializing in market and technology research related to LCD and LED displays, backlights, and energy storage.

He has supported MCG with research and reports on LEDs, backlights, optical films, cellphones, and other information display markets. He has also provided consulting services related to process and equipment development for MCG clients related to micro displays, holographic optics, and 3D displays.

Currently Mr. Nobile is also serving development companies by providing consulting related to new thin film and nano technologies with high energy storage capacity for transportation, grid, and consumer products.

Prior to joining MCG, Mr. Nobile provided SSL LED marketing, web site development, technical services for several major LED component makers and provided LED technical process development and marketing services to companies ranging from start-up companies to fortune 1000 corporations.

Fred also has extensive experience with polymer dispersed liquid crystals (PDLC) and ceramic thin film equipment and processes. He has a background in materials and process development as well as device fabrication, qualification, equipment building, and process development, providing support to both domestic and foreign clients. He has worked with US and European developers, specifying and procuring laboratory scale process equipment and instrumentation, as well as supporting the ramp up of a full scale pilot coating facility. Upon request, interested parties will be provided access to a secure website that provides more details.

Mr. Nobile was a founder of Linear Optics and Peregrine Optifilm, leading PDLC research companies. He was responsible for their operations and managing research contracts with major corporations as well as supporting funded ARPA projects.

Prior to this, Mr. Nobile was employed by Shade/Allied, a leading paper converter and processor. He also worked as a researcher in the field of photo-voltaics. Mr. Nobile received a BS in Physics from University of California.