Dr. Kirk Moffitt

Dr. Moffitt is a consultant in La Quinta CA, specializing in human factors design for workstation, mobile and near-eye displays. He holds a Ph.D. in Engineering Psychology, and has 20 years of industry experience. He is the co-editor of the McGraw-Hill text Head Mounted Displays: Designing for the User, and has published over 30 articles and reports. He also holds a patent on a method to reduce binocular rivalry with near-eye displays.

His consulting clients have included display companies in the areas of military aircraft, entertainment, medical equipment, and manufacturing. He has recently been focused on completing an SBIR for the Air Force aimed at developing an innovative method of squeezing large paper documents onto small screen laptop computers.

Dr. Moffitt has conducted research on HMDs and virtual imagery at Wright-Patterson AFB, Kaiser Electronics, Anacapa Sciences, Children's Hospital / Hollywood CA, Vista Medical Technologies, and Colorado Microdisplay Corp. This work has involved the simulation of virtual displays using desktop computer imagery and optics-table configurations.

Dr. Moffitt completed his advanced degrees at New Mexico State University after earning his BA in psychology at Wichita State University. He has taught courses in human factors and statistics for the University of Southern California, and day-long seminars on HMD design for SPIE and other organizations.